Student Services


The College emphasises individual counselling from the moment a student initiates a program of study, ensuring that career objectives are being served by his/her chosen course.


Confidential help and referral services address personal issues.


This on-going service is to provide encouragement and direction for students in pursuit of excellence.

Learning Assistance

The College helps students hone their study skills, develop time-management strategies and offers assistance in developing, organising and editing papers.

Career Planning

Students are given every opportunity to explore a wide range of careers.

Further Education

Advice on and assistance with articulation into university and other tertiary level programs.

Placement Service

Every year the demand from employers for College graduates exceeds the supply.


Each year the Cairns Business College awards scholarships which subsidise tuition fees for any course offered at the College. Contact the College for details.


All courses are preceded by an orientation program during which staff members and students are introduced.

Austudy/Abstudy/ Youth Allowance

Students in approved courses are eligible to apply for AUSTUDY/ABSTUDY – relevant course codes available from Student Services.

Financial Assistance

Student bank loans are available for eligible applicants.


The College’s Accommodation Officer will arrange carefully selected accommodation off-campus in hostels, homestay, share apartments, motels or other suitable accommodation.

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