Privacy Policy

The Cairns Business College Ltd and the Cairns Language Centre Pty Ltd (CBC and CLC) are bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 to handle personal information in accordance with the10 National Privacy Principles. These principles cover the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information. They also give people a right to seek access to the personal information that organisations hold about them.

Other Commonwealth and State legislation with which CBC and CLC must comply also determine to some extent what information we collect and how it is handled.

We collect personal information from individual students, homestay families, share accommodation owners, representatives of students and educational agents (clients). Information is collected in order to establish and administer student enrolments and accommodation assistance. This usually includes name, contact details, bank account or credit card details, family information and records of attendance and assessment results.

We compile and distribute data relevant to the private education and training sector and student demographics. This does not include any information that identifies any particular client.

CBC and CLC do not collect personal information from members of the public except when this is necessary in order to respond to general inquiries and requests for referrals. We do not collect any identifying information about visitors to our website unless they send us an e-mail, in which case we collect the e-mail address as well as the content of the message.

Our Internet Service Provider makes a record of each visit to our website and collects the following information about each visitor for statistical and server security purposes: the numerical internet address of the visitor’s computer; the pages visited, and the date and time each page was accessed. CBC and CLC receive only summary reports that do not reveal the identity of any person.

CBC and CLC may disclose some personal information, under strict conditions of confidentiality, to contractors providing professional services to us; such as sub-contracting trainers, auditors, accountants and lawyers. In these cases, the information is disclosed only to establish and administer client entitlements, or with the client’s consent. We may also be required by law to provide some personal information to government agencies. We never buy or sell personal information about anybody.

CBC and CLC have security systems in place to protect all the information we handle from misuse and unauthorised disclosure or modification, and we do not retain data for which we have no further use.

Clients and anyone else about whom CBC and CLC holds personal information may seek access to that information and correct it if necessary, subject to some exceptions allowed by the Commonwealth Privacy Act. Requests for access must be in writing. We may request proof of identification and proof of a change of name. We may also charge a fee.

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